Webex Classroom 2.0 is on the way!

Click here to view the list of Webex Classrooms and installation timelines

Teach in Hybrid Mode

Webex Classroom 2.0

  • Check out the demo video
  • Come and test a Webex Classroom with IT Support: MSA 3.390, Mon 5/10 to Fri 9/10, 13:00-16:30


Hybrid Classroom/Auditorium 1.5++
Check out the tutorial videos:
    • Hybrid classroom 1.5++ (CB, CK, CL) – video
    • Hybrid auditorium 1.5++ (CK,CL) – video
    • Hybrid auditorium 1.5++ (CB) – video


Use your tactile tablet/laptop to stream notes on the fly

What to do in case of logistic or technical issue during a hybrid class?

Check out all information on

Prepare your Class

Exchange on remote teaching & online exams with other teachers

Deliver your Class Remotely

Use your tactile tablet/laptop to stream notes on the fly (NEW)


Share course material with students

Interact online with students

  • Via Moodle Forum – Tutorial ( 620KB)

Organise a videoconference class

Record your videoconference class

Assess your Students

Understand your students’ technical constraints

Set up your online exams

Get information on exams taking place during the Covid-19 crisis

Discuss best practices for online exams and questions with other teachers

Stay within reach for your students during exams

  • Forward calls from your office phone to your private phone – Tutorial

Get Feedback

Coming soon

More about Moodle

Accessible via moodle.uni.lu

Some basic info about how to use Moodle:


Internal or External Teacher

You have a Uni e-mail like “…@uni.lu” or “…@ext.uni.lu“

You can connect to Moodle with your Uni credentials:

Username: firstname.lastname
Password: your Uni password

If you have lost your password or you cannot connect with your actual password, ask for a new one here: passwordreset.uni.lu

Still troubles to connect, contact the IT helpdesk:
Tel: (+352) 46 66 44 9911 (Mon-Fri 8:00-17:00)

Guest Teacher

Please contact your Faculty’s Moodle Administrator

Manage your course in Moodle

On your Dashboard, you can find the list of your course(s). (if not, please contact your Faculty’s Moodle Administrator)

Click on the course to access the page where you can manage it.

Moodle tutorials

After logging into Moodle, you can access;

Some frequently used steps:

Moodle has a rich database of tutorials on its YouTube channel

Search the database by clicking on the magnifying glass and enter the keyword you’re looking for.