Even the best IT Security System cannot protect you and the University if YOU are not extremely cautious!

One  unfortunate  click from any staff member  could create tremendous damage on the whole University IT system – stopping all possibility to work and teach remote! This is   what did happen at the University of Maastricht, blocking its IT system for weeks


Beware of suspicious mails and attachments


  • Verify the sender mail
  • Extra caution for coronavirus related mails

Take this test to see if you would spot a malicious mail

Not doing great?  Take the online class Phishing Basics to become an expert! Only for @uni.lu accounts

Keep your systems and applications up to date

  • Connect to your VPN once a week to keep your UNI computer up to date (Tutorial)
  • Update your systems and applications when requested

Manage your passwords carefully

  • Use  strong passwords (e.g:EuyTb428!)
  • Create different passwords per account/device
  • Do not write them on a post-it, use a password manager

Use WebEx for video conferences (or Skype for business as back-up plan)

The official video conferencing tool of the University is WebEx. Please use it. In case you are facing issues with WebEx, please use Skype for Business as back-up plan. [Tutorial]

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